Exploration of shale gas will be launched this year

The global shale gas exploration boom has reached Lithuania, too. The Government gave consent to the exploration of this natural resource in the country at the end of last year.

Minijos Nafta will drill the first exploration well in its license area already this year. The company plans to invest around LTL 10 mill. in the exploration of shale gas during 2012.

Shale gas exploration is currently being actively implementing in the neighboring Poland. The Poles believe to hold huge shale gas deposits. Though the first shale gas exploration wells were drilled in 2010, however, official information on discovery of this natural resource has not been posted.

Shale gas boom began over two decades ago in the USA. During this period of time shale gas production increased to the extents that the USA became one of the largest gas exporters, instead of being one of the largest importers of natural gas in the world.

The Americans invest billions of USD in exploration and production of shale gas, therefore, the recovery of shale grows rapidly. Such development allows creating thousands of new working places; recently it was announced that 870 thou. new jobs will be generated in this field of industry in the USA during the next four years.

Not only Lithuanian, Poland, but also Latvia, Estonia and other European countries have got interested in the exploration of shale gas in recent years.

It is expected that Europe as well as Lithuania moves forward and achieves positive results in shale gas production.